Vice Commander Geller of Warwick, Rhode Island is one of New England’s busiest US Coast Guard Auxiliarists who’s been a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Flotilla 07-08 in Providence, Rhode Island for 37 years. After devoting thousands of hours to boating safety instruction in New England in 2017, Geller received the honor of being named “Northern Region Educator of the Year” by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

Geller coordinates regional boat shows and maritime events where the Auxiliary’s “Damage Control Trailer” exhibit is on display, instructing both commercial and recreational boaters in effective damage control techniques, proper wearing of personal flotation devices, safe shipboard practices and vessel examinations – all part of the Coast Guard’s safety message to those who venture out on the water. Geller also works closely with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and is a volunteer for BSA Sea Scout Ship 1909 East Greenwich, RI.