rob lawnsby Founder/CEO Narragansett Sailing School and Charters

For many years Rob has been recognized as a leader and innovator in all facets of the boating industry. His Narragansett Sailing School and Charters is an American Sailing Association (ASA) certified facility, and they definitely think outside the box as far as instructional methods go. They are not just a sailing school, as they have an integrated ‘Sailing System’ where a person can ease into it and have a plethora of options to round out their experience.

They offer Sailing Lessons and Coastal Cruising Coaching at their RI based Sailing School, plus Bareboat Chartering and Fractional Sailing with their charter fleet. Starting as a sailboat dealer years ago, Rob saw customers struggle with the dilemma of having the desire to get into sailing, but could not justify spending the money to buy a boat without knowing having the knowledge base to make an intelligent decision, not to mention if it was something the family would enjoy or not! So he developed this system to let a budding sailor keep learning and gaining experience until they see the right direction whether it is ownership or chartering.