tom stocker Principle – Owner’s Edge, LLC

Tom’s objective is to help private business owners work on their business rather than just in it. We do this by focusing on the key strategies and actions that will drive your operational excellence. Our confidential ‘above the trees’ discussions provide the strategic clarity that most owners can’t and don’t get on a regular basis. We then help you implement and measure those actions that will bring your business to a higher level of performance and growth.

Private business owners creating value and generating wealth are the backbone of our economy. Helping them do so is important to our communities and critical to the future of our country. I am focused on the long term value of my clients’ business. The coming wave of transitions of businesses over the next ten years as a result of “boomer” retirements makes this focus more important than ever. He leads Sea Scout Ship 1909 as its “Skipper” and is an active member of both the East Greenwich and West Bay Yacht Clubs.